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Tesseract是一个OCR库(OCR是英文Optical Character Recognition的缩写),它用来对文本资料进行扫描,然后对图像文件进行分析处理,获取文字及版面信息的过程,Tesseract是目前公认最优秀,识别相对精准的OCR库。






pip install pytesseract


pytesseract.pytesseract.tesseract_cmd = r'F:\Tesseract-OCR\tesseract.exe'



import pytesseract
from PIL import Image
pytesseract.pytesseract.tesseract_cmd = r'F:\Tesseract-OCR\tesseract.exe'
image ='6.jpg',mode='r')
code= pytesseract.image_to_string(image)





import requests
import time
import pytesseract
from PIL import Image
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup

def captcha(data):
  with open('captcha.jpg','wb') as fp:
  image ="captcha.jpg")
  text = pytesseract.image_to_string(image)
  print "机器识别后的验证码为:" + text
  command = raw_input("请输入Y表示同意使用,按其他键自行重新输入:")
  if (command == "Y" or command == "y"):
    return text
    return raw_input('输入验证码:')

def zhihuLogin(username,password):

  # 构建一个保存Cookie值的session对象
  sessiona = requests.Session()
  headers = {'User-Agent':'Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64; rv:47.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/47.0'}

  # 先获取页面信息,找到需要POST的数据(并且已记录当前页面的Cookie)
  html = sessiona.get('', headers=headers).content

  # 找到 name 属性值为 _xsrf 的input标签,取出value里的值
  _xsrf = BeautifulSoup(html ,'lxml').find('input', attrs={'name':'_xsrf'}).get('value')

  # 取出验证码,r后面的值是Unix时间戳,time.time()
  captcha_url = '' % (time.time() * 1000)
  response = sessiona.get(captcha_url, headers = headers)

  data = {
    "captcha": captcha(response.content)

  response ='', data = data, headers=headers)
  print response.text

  response = sessiona.get('', headers=headers)
  print response.text

if __name__ == "__main__":
  #username = raw_input("username")
  #password = raw_input("password")



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  • python下调用pytesseract识别某网站验证码的实现方法
  • python3.5+tesseract+adb实现西瓜视频或头脑王者辅助答题
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